Military Balls are usually "unofficial events" sponsored by private organizations and are an important part of building unit cohesion in a
professional setting with military spouses and honored guests. 

Music is the heart beat of any party and the majority of our DJs, being veterans themselves, understand first-hand the importance of flawless timing and execution ensuring polished transitions which are required for a successful ball.

National Ensign


Military Traditions, customs, and courtesies are an integral part of the ceremonies which occur throughout the evening and each differ depending on the branch of service.  The entrance and exit of the colors, responsive readings, a grog bowl ceremony, cake cutting, toasts, speeches or any other myriad military ball traditions might be performed.

Thank You For Your Service!


Military balls are glamorous, exciting, tradition-rich, fun events. Spouses enjoy the excuse to dress up and have a great time.  Let us partake on your ball and create an unforgettable experience for you and your brothers and sisters in arms!