We are among the best entertainment services in the Crystal Coast being a preferred vendor with some of the industries’ biggest venues.

Ceremony Audio

Assist your guests hear every word with our ceremony sound reinforcement and production coverage.

Reception Entertainment

From start to finish, we'll plan a memorable and joyful experience.

After Parties

Ain't no party like a working party. But seriously, if your venue can accommodate, let's get loud. 


Wedding & Event Uplighting


The “wow” effect that uplighting creates is increasing in popularity for weddings in particular. The lighting is projected on walls or columns to either accentuate the architecture of the room or building, or provide ambiance. Uplighting is becoming more and more of a “must-have” at various events, due to it’s ability to change the mood of a room.  Decent lighting can make all the difference when it comes to ambience. Natural lighting is the best when it's available, but soft lighting at night takes a bit of trickery to get just right. Generally speaking, amber toned lighting is going to provide the most warmth in a room, while blue toned lighting can make a space feel cold. Of course, candles indoors and out make a huge difference in adding warmth. 

If you want to add a warm glow to your reception space but candles and string lights aren't enough, you may consider uplighting. That's an effect created by putting lighting units on the floor pointed up. Magical makeover!

Lights! Lights! Lights!


We offer beautiful accent lighting for any occasion.  A few well-placed uplights can change a room from drab to dreamy in seconds.  We offer the most sophisticated and flexible uplighting on the market. 

Are your eyes "LIT" up yet?


Our uplighting units are unique in that they are completely programmable.  You can choose any color that you like.  This allows us to match any themed colors you may prefer. With so many colors available, the possibilities really are endless.

Photo Booth


Enclosed Photo Booth

The booth will be entirely enclosed, so you and your guests have total privacy while taking your photos.  This configuration is much more intimate but cannot accommodate large groups. Typically, two people fit comfortably, with an absolute maximum of four people in the picture.


Unlimited photos

The Best Camera, powered by a real DSLR. Accept no substitutions.

Wacky props box available at no charge.

Highest Quality Prints, Dye-Sublimation. Very fast, instantly dry.


All services include:

Photo Booth and attendant


Basic personalized template

Black and white photos

Color photos

Set up

Tear down